08.21.14Shawn Green

I just love these mixes that you put together. Keep doing what you doing Bruh, kudos to"U"!!!. Oh yea can these mixes be purchased?๐Ÿ‘Š

01.03.14Keithe Cole

I like your style because it is smooth. Im a music collector and I have quite a bit of different smooth jazz mixes that get played in a few clubs around columbus, OH by various club DJ'S but as I said earlier I like your style.


Listening to The Carefree Drive of August 9th featuring the late great GEORGE DUKE. OMG Jazzman!!!!!! I'M LIFTED!!! SCORE!!!!

08.07.13Promise Marks

Reggie The Jazzman Mitchel is one of my favorite Dj's his ability to create mixes to fit any occasion or mood makes him a top pick in my book! Blessings Promise Marks

07.29.13Stephannie Senegal

This mix is a two edges sword. I love it...but I don't want to do any work. It has me in a very mellow mood for a Monday!
With Kindness,

07.15.13Eric J Lewis

Just stopped by to listen. Nice!! enjoyed the smooth sounds.


I can't keep up with your creativity! I follow you on the SJM website and your podcast but I missed out on catching a few mixes before they were taken down. Woe is me! Nonetheless, I am ECSTATIC that I did NOT miss out on my new favorite, "A Quiet Storm". Sometimes feelings just can't be put into words. This is one of those times. I am SOOOOO GLAD that life has the gift of music...that I appreciate the gift of music (it ranks right up there with oxygen as a "got-ta have")...and that music has the gift of Y-O-U!

06.12.13Robert Lee Balderrama

Hello Reggie ,
Enjoyed your Smooth Jazz, I have a Smooth Jazz group.
I would like to send you a copy of my new album for consideration airplay, I am on
you can listen to any song on these websites.
hope to hear back
Thank you for your time.
Robert Lee Balderrama


2nd time hearing "The Door Is Open/Hiroshima..
and I'm really love it.


Awesome, Sexy & Smooth....is all I can say!
LOVE the mixes.


I just finished really listening to the Memorial Day Wknd 2013 show, and man you had some really nice mixes in that session.....all I can say is you are getting smoother as time goes on. Thank you for that tribute to our men and women of the military, and thank you for sharing your talents of the oh so smooth and eloquent jazz mixes.
Still your best friend after 3.5 decades.
Brister the fan of the Jazzman

06.01.13Eric "DJ Mr. E" Whitehead

Just discovered you bro.. I have been a DJ since 1983... Love your work. I am now a fan...

05.26.13Kevin dingle

Nice site reg ill send you a few photos. Kev.

05.25.13Greg Hickson


Thanks for all the smoothjazz. Don't let anyone forget the serviceman and woman who we all make this possible. Rock Hard. IT1 GregoryE. Hickson USNR (RET) Bravo Zulu

05.18.13Shawna Woods

Hi Reggie.

Met you in K &G, you help me select a pair of men shoes. I shared your site with others.

Thanks for sharing your talents!

Shawna Woods

05.01.13Glendale "Bo" Gibbs

Reggie you never let me down. I'm in Raleigh, NC. You are my spot for "Smooth Jazz". God Bless


thank you thank you thank you

04.15.13Tyrone Ushry

Nice Set of Smooth Jazz..Hanging with My Cousin Rick Turner.in Columbus Ohio...Thanks




Loving the music and the station. Really incredible. Thank you.

03.01.13Marishka Krasnopolski

Haven't heard nonstop music like this since the mid 80's to early 90's!! Love it!! Gonna be my daily dose of jazz!! Thank you so much!!

02.21.13Cathy Victoria

Came to SJM today for my "fix"...not knowing exactly what I needed to hear...but knowing I would find it here. And there it was...The Definition of Smooth - Carefree Drive - PEACE AND QUIET. Aaahhhhh....feels sooo goooood.


Hi Reggie! Love the station and the mixes. Thanks for playing "Desert Wind." Terry and I appreciate you more than you will ever know! Keep the music coming!

02.03.13lewis johnson


02.01.13crystal champion

Hello... my old friend so happy to see your success.


Absolutely LOVE this station. Love your voice. Thanks so much, Reggie, the Jazzman. Really superb. Blessings.


OH MY GOOOOODNESSSS... you put up Step N Out... Teehee! Love those steppin mixes! Thanks - I will pretend you did that just for me! LOL. Hoping you are receiving as many blessings as you are giving through your music.


Dear Jazzman: The Gospel Brunch of Jan. 20th was soul satisfying! Part 1 was so gentle, delicate, soft, sweet, touching. I was reminded of the story in 1 Kings Chapter 19 where it illustrates how God Almighty was not in the wind, earthquake, or fire but in the whisper! And I have just one word for part 2: CHUUCH!!! The message in the music powerful and was received! Job very well done, Sir!


I just listened to the Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute. I cannot claim to have as intimate an understanding of his legacy as some, but if I had any question as to the emotions involved, that picture became so much clearer after listening to this mix. He was a great man of God, with a vision that I wish we all could share and one that has been forgotten by some. A symbol of hope - something we need once again in this world. Thank you so much Reggie!


Jazzman your tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you for sharing your vision with us in such a unique, powerful, and moving way. You provided yet another medium for me to teach my son about who Dr. King was, what he did, & what he stood for. We both enjoyed enjoyed it and learned something. God bless you!

01.05.13Cathy's in Love!

I've heard this mix before. Listening again with fresh ears and I'm so glad it's still here. Will return to it again and again...knowing I'll hear something different and sublime every time. "TO KNOW LOVE".....this one's definitely a keeper, Jazzman!!!

01.02.13Ollie Bohannon

Hey there Reggie;
There is nothing more for anyone to say about what youre
doing here other than "WOW" WOW"
Hoping the day comes when you become Sindicated.....
keep on doin what you do my friend..!!! Happy New Year

01.01.13D Rich

Blessings for 2013 Reggie! Thanks for all the great SMOOTH JAZZ MIXES...
All the best,



Heyyyy-yyyyyy!!!!! Party over here!!!! Slammin Regg!!

12.31.12earl leah

great jazz mxer to bring in13. thx!

12.25.12Kim Scott

Merry Xmas to you, Reggie, and may 2013 be another awesome year for you and Smooth Jazz Mixes! Happy New Year!!

12.23.12Cathy Christmas! :-)

I absolutely love Love LOVE spending Christmastime here! JOY TO THE [SJM] WORLD!!!!!


Revisiting the Carefree Drive of December 8th. Feelin mighty fiiiiiiine as I drift away to this sweet sweet music ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



12.07.12Tabisko Sauce

Um... I listen to your site allll the time. It would be way cool if you would put up one of those delicious Christmas mixes you have... Pretty Please with Tabisko Sauce on top :) LOL Love ya my friend!!!! Always...

12.04.12Cathy the Jesus Fan

Dear Jazzman, To try to put into words what I'm feeling really is futile.....but I just GOTTA say SUMTHIN! I've just listened to parts 1 & 2 of the Gospel Brunch Mix for Dec 2. I found myself prostrate in worship the entire time, my spirit soaring, the tears flowing non-stop, and just so completely FULL from beginning to end!!! There's just no way to adequately explain it. This mix definitely had some Jesus Juice on it! The anointing was upon you for sure and you let the Spirit flow into you, through you, and out of you to bless us in such a way that was undoubtedly a mighty move of God! This will forever be one of my favorites and I will listen again and again and again! I hope you never take it down!

12.03.12Cathy the Jazzfan

So the hubby agreed to cook dinner tonight if I provided him with some musical entertainment while he performed his duties. Pssh! Now you know he ain't said nut'n but a word! What was the first - the ONLY - option I considered? THAT'S RIGHT! SMJ to the rescue! EASY! Haha! YESSS!!!

12.02.12crystal champion

the best DJ i know... blessings all your way

12.02.12Ron C. Allen

Smooth Jazz... The only way to go.... Nice

11.27.12Bernard Rose

Hey Reggie,

Just wanted to say that I'm continuing to enjoy your great mixes! Keep up the great work! Have a Merry Christmas and a better than ever New Year!!

Bernard R.

11.07.12Carl W Lawence

HEAVEN......that is my one word description of this site. i just found out about it tonight and believe me I have already spread the word to 9 other people i know will LOVE it. i wll now have a site i cn listen to all day while i work on my other computer.


11.04.12Juice the Jazz Friend (Brister)

Reggie, we go way back and I have silently enjoyed your site Smooth Jazz Mixes, and I have shared it with all my colleagues, brothers of IAMBKNC, and with just about everyone I know and meet!!! Well done and it is my prayer that God's richest and best will be yours today and always! I listen often and I start my week listening for hours every Sunday. Thanks for sharing your talent, and gift of the mix.....

10.28.12bernard rose


Your style cntinues to be on the money Reggie. Keep up the great work!


"Early One Morning, Late One Night".....and anywhere in between! Jazzman, this mix is simply AMAZING! Completely enchanting. Mind freeing. Soul soothing. Sress relieving. A digital full body massage. Indeed therapeutic. What a perfect addition to the Downtime Series. Thank you.

10.11.12Denise Richardson

In awe... what a BREATHE of FRESH MUSICAL AIR! Pix are so so CRISP, and more importantly --> the songs, artist choices, and MIXES are PHENOMENAL.... HISTORY, EDUCATION, INSPIRATION, and definitely, THE DEFINITION OF SMOOTH.
Appreciate being a part of the FAM.

Thank you Reggie,



A co-worker of yours introduced me to your site, Reggie. I\'m no expert on jazz, but I\'ve spent quite a few hours in Andy\'s in Chicago and The Habitat in Pitt. All things considered, I\'d rate your site as excellent -- I\'m enjoying the heck out of it. Thanks so much. /gloria

08.30.12Delta Blue Seafood & BBQ

Love the music and so do the customers. Thanks for putting together a great station!!!

08.27.12Anthony Mosley

The Jazz Man, I mistakely found your station and what a great discovery that I quickly shared with various family and friends. Thanks for sharing your gift and talent for mixing fine music over the airwaves.

08.20.12Cathy the Jazzfan

Dear Jazzman,

I came here today to "check out Grover" (smile), which was ON FIYAH from beginning to end...and I found that it ended much sooner than I was ready to. However, I am now engrossed in the random play that follows it. Man oh man this is some GOOOOOOOD STUFF! Can't get enough! :-)

08.11.12Darryl Williams

Hello Reggie. We met at the Acuostic Alchemy concert at The Winchester. I told the owner about your web station. My band WMS3 will be playing at the Winchester Saturday August 18 at 9:00pm. We play original music that would be great for your station It would great to see you there. Check out their website.

07.31.12Smoothnsaxy R.L.Walker

Nice, Nice.... working hard to get my tracks worthy of the mixes.. :) www.smoothnsaxysounds.com

07.15.12Cathy the Jazzfan

HOT OFF THE PRESS JULY 2012....OOOOOH WEEEEEEE!!!!!!! HOT INDEED! My faves: Carlos Santana, the track from Russia, and This Time Baby! YESSS! You DID THAT, Jazzman! On to the next one...

07.13.12MrEdolover aka ED-O

Nice, smooth sounds. Thanks for sharing this link. As I negotiate around this site, I'll learn more about what you do. For now, it becomes one of my 'favorites' to be re-visited often.

07.05.12Melissa Harrold

I enjoy the music. Keep it coming!!!!

06.27.12Garry Rugman

Class !!! love the vibe keep up the good work all the way from the UK... one love...

06.27.12Pandora Paradox

REFRESHING!!!! Resignates throughout my psyche/cerebral cortex which totally stimulates my senses-abilities.

06.24.12liza Julian Garcia

I was here ! I extremely enjoyed your mixes. Thank you !

06.24.12Djram Ram

I love your Mixes ! Enjoyed while at work. Keep on Reggie !

06.23.12Tami Ramirez-Knight

Took that deep breath.....Musical Slice of Heaven Time...
I always look forward to taking time out to enjoy
Thank you for always delivering quality smooth jazz mixes.

06.23.12Cathy the Jazzfan

So here I am again.....finding myself submerged, lost, and IN TOTAL LOVE with Smooth Jazz Mixes. *sigh* Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....ANY DAY is a GREAT DAY for GOOD MUSIC! This place is a GUARANTEED FEEL-GOOD! You have the highest concentration of the best artists and music that I've come across yet, and frankly, I ain't lookin' nowhere else! Why bother? I'M SOLD and I whole-heartedly THANK YOU for sharing your love, your passion, and the priceless treasures in your crate with ME! :-)

06.23.12Mars Abantao

Hello Reggie,

Just dropping by...can't never get enough of your mixes...keep doing what you do best...you take care Jazzman! :D


06.21.12Right there!

The Song for Wayman bu Julie Vaughn... is that for Tisdale? Do you know? Loving the new mixes! Keep em comin!!!

06.19.12Phyllis Freeman

This site is like a classroom! Every time I come in I find someone or something I didn't know about.....thanks for the great music and education!


Hello my friend.
I love good music and smoot jazz is my favorite one. I send you my best wish from Valencia, Spain.

06.07.12The CoffeeLady

Thanks for the ear Reggie. It's always a blast chatting with you sharing ideas, and inspirations. We got that thang going on.

I'm so excited you agreed to be my special co-host for Aug/Sept when we interview "Fourplay". I'll be sure you have tracks from their new album. Yes, I'm working late.


Found your sight by searching for Kevin "Slow Jamming" James. I have followed him for years.

Love the music played on your site. I enjoy listening to artist I am unfamiliar with . This helps to keep me a well-rounded person in music.

Stay Blessed All

06.01.12Eddie aka 2nd2nunn

Brother Reggie ....... 'The Jazzman' ....... Just stopping-by to let you know that you are indeed right on Target with your web-site ....... "I Love It" my Brother. My dear friend Tami Ramirez-Knight shared your link with me a few weeks ago......I'm blessed that she did ...... I've been in the Grooooove with The Defination Of Smooth since ....... :-) Keep doing what you are doing, you are on the right path for some great things to happen. May God continue to Bless you ........ 'Let The Music Play'

Peace & Blessings ......... Forever !!!!!

Eddie aka 2nd2Nunn

06.01.12Wishes with a T

Mac N Cheese.... DELICIOUS!


Absolutely love the mixes!

05.25.12Sheryl Ox

Enjoying my Fri afternoon with you!!!


โ€œThe person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it. "
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~
Reggie, To see you happy and smile when you are creating your mixes is a beautiful! Don't EVER stop using your gifts and sharing your creations! You have brightened MANY lives and spread YOUR excitement and happiness to many people ALL AROUND THE WORLD including my own!
Love you!!!

05.11.12Tami Ramirez-Knight

Many thanks to you for sharing you expertise and love of music with us your FANS.

I truly look forward to taking time out to sit back and relax each time I listen to your new mixes!

Revisting your archive and listening to several of my favorite mixes is always a treat.

Thanks for brightening many days and evenings by offering a place to enjoy the great music in your custom mixes at "The Definition Of Smooth Jazz "



The Journey Is Always a Sweet Ride and a Pleasure!

05.05.12Cathy the Jazzfan

PT CRUISE - how clever! I've been a music connoisseur all my life; not so much because of any special talent or knowledge - but more so because of my deep love & appreciation of the art. But I gotta tell ya, Jazzman - like many people don't notice or appreciate the writers & producers behind the artists, I too have been guilty of not really noticing & appreciating the gift & power of THE DJ...until YOU! You, Sir, have opened my eyes and further opened my ears! WOW! Your gift comes from a good place & your outer expression of that good place deep inside you is magnificent to behold! You are using your powers for good (may the force be with you), and oh how good it is! This mix is amazing and my every sense was engaged, as they always are whenever I immerse myself in all this site has to offer. REGGIE MITCHELL - THE MAN behind the most Magical, Marvelous, Mesmerizing, Melodious, Mind-Blowing, Magnificent, Majestic, Masterful Mixes out there! *APPLAUSE!* Take a bow!


I tell you what, it's pretty rare for me to love a complete CD of one artist, but your magic made it possible. PT Cruise is fabulous, and that's not only serious props to you, but to the artist. I love that it doesn't feel as though I'm listening to the same one throughout the mix. There's enough flavor and variety that I feel FED!!! Nice job Regg!!! VERY nice job!

05.04.12Ms. Bridgette

Keep ypur head up You have an amazing gift love your mixes Your West coast family.

04.26.12Dee Ann McCullough

Hi, Reggie!
You got me groovin 4 sure...but where's ur bio? Love to know more bout the individual who is firing up my ears and imagination! Also, add Paul Taylor to the mix.
Smooth Sailing!

04.25.12wish with a T

Chill Zone II ... tryna sneak a new one in lol. LOVING IT!


Awesome station!

04.06.12Ron G

Oh, i am Lovin' This"! i thank DJ BossLay-Dae for the hook-up to some pure, smooth and exotic JAZZ! Props to REGGIE...Thx Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03.30.12Cathy the Jazzfan

Came here looking for your "Passionate Breezes" mix. Didn't find it here, but Lord knows I LISTENED on soundcloud and I LOVED IT! You keep outdoing yourself & raising the bar, Jazzman! BRAVO! The passion with which you do what you do oh-so-well is evident & palpable! And since you know I look for every opportunity to promote my mega-producer brother, Ervin Pope, the "So Sick" track you included in that mix presents the opportunity for me to share that my bro produced the track "Get Down Like That" on Ne-Yo's debut CD, "In My Own Words". As for this site, I always find something new to love about it. The music is a given, but I also enjoyed the beautiful pics as I listened to the soothing sounds. What a nice touch & a great eye for selecting those shots. I'm hoping my bro will one day be worthy to join the ranks of those great artists and be included in your photo album! Meanwhile, thanks for featuring his music and for all the eloquent music your unique vision brings to life with a whole new spin!

03.29.12Wayne Wesley Johnson

Reggie...Lovin' your program. Thanks for joining "Musician Buddies" Group on Facebook.


02.29.12Tanya Vernon

Nice website.


superb sound

02.03.12Cathy the Jazzfan

Lady In My Life (MJ Meets Silk Remix) - Did he say "just put your trust in my heart...and meet me in pa-RO-dise"??? Hahaha! LOVE IT! Can't believe I slept on Silk's version. Leave it to The Jazzman to school me! I'm definitely listening, Mister Master Music Mixologist - and learning! Got any more mixes like this in those archives? I need another hit! (and another, and another, and so on & so on)

01.26.12Cynthia Ables

WOW. Wonderful. I have been looking for a jazz station. This is the ultimate.

01.26.12Manny da Fonseca

Love it! Well done!

01.21.12Lisa Saunders

Fabulous! Cheers!


You know Cosmic Swirl is my THANG! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! and LOVE LOVE LOVE you too :0) Many blessings to you and those beautiful baby girls.


Hello Smooth Jazz Mixes family,

My name is Edmund. I'm a trumpeter and composer. I was wondering if you would be interested in playing
music from my new album 'The Soundtrack' on your show.

Feel free to have a look at my website and if you are interested in my music I'll be happy to send you the full album.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

01.16.12Cathy the Jazzfan

I'm COSMIC SWIRLIN' & lovin' it every STEP of the way!!!

01.15.12John Dubiel Combat fusion jazz band

Great music thanks for your support of our men & women serving our country

best regards
John Dubiel

01.14.12Kim B.

Absolutely love this! Introduced by a friend and I'm so glad! Your selection is fabulous and the transition is so smooth! Great job!!

01.14.12Dee in the Carolinas

So Special!

01.14.12Tami Ramirez-Knight

Dear Jazz Man * *
Thank you for sharing your unique and very special talent with us. I can only imagine the time and energy you spend creating from the heart...truly each and every one I consider a gift.
No matter what the theme your smooth jazz mix may be, this family member enjoys each and every mix...no matter where or what time, they always make my day brighter.




01.13.12Kandee MusicLvr

I am loving the music! Loving your site! Loving how it makes me feel . . . . because music is what feelings sound like!!!!

01.12.12sharon hill mitchell

loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01.11.12Cathy aka Jazzfan

Just finished your first mix (well, not really a mix, you say) for 2012 under the 'Spotlight'. F-A-B-U-L-O-S-O!!! And the double-play by Ervin Pope to bring it home?! SWEEEEET! Thanks for keeping me comin' back for more! Lovin' hearing your voice more w/ the wonderful descriptions of the music & background info about the artists. PERFECT!

01.09.12Maria Luna

Just wanted to stop by and say that your mixes are excellent to me. You do what you do so very well. I enjoy them very much. I also enjoy in the vibe radio station as well. The only station that I need to listen to. Thanks for all the hard work much appreciated. All the best to you and team!!!


Great site and very good mix of jazz. Who is that playing:
Welcome To Smooth Jazz Mixex

01.06.12Dawn "Breakadawn" White

Just wanted to let u know I stopped by...


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is now currently my home page for life... Many many thanks for sharing the Sweetest Smooth Jazz around ... Blessings from New Zealand!


Wow this is a great station, I love smooth Jazz, and this is a classy music.
Would love a 24hr station playing Smooth like you guys have in the US.

Keep up the good work


12.17.11Adrienne Hodge Smith

Definitely enjoyed the smooth sounds. Much needed after a long day. Thanks! Keep it coming Jazzman!!

12.16.11Jamie Sparks

Definitely feelin the nice & smooth mixes. I spend a lot of time on the road, & this is just what I need to take the edge off. Keep up the good work!!


Hey Jazzman! I just found my brother Ervin Pope's track "I Need You" from his new project "With These Hands" (available web-wide) on the first mix under your 'Radio Spain' banner. Wow! That's so cool! Great selection for a fabulous mix! Hope to hear more of his music on your site! Thanks for the support! Until next time.... Cat ^..^

12.13.11Cathy Pope-Hale


MY GOD your intro message/selection really just sets the stage for what one is about to experience while visiting here! I, for one, CAINT (not can't, but CAINT) GET ENUFF!!!!



Love it!!!

12.12.11Ms Duan willis

Wanna thank jazz man Reggie ..for the lovely invite!!..I;am tune in...loven it all ready!!!....AWESOME!!


great idea!,great music!thank you ;0)

12.07.11Tony Catanzaro (The Jazztourist)

Thank you so much to ALL the Great Musicians tha, I play so much of this on my UK based radio show. Mondays from 10pm :-)) ............... Thank You...


Hey, it's all good. Who is that playing the intro....it's badd


grea!!t...perfectly smooth..good artists...

11.25.11Jay Kim

Hey! Reggie,
So Smooth & great mixes !
Thanks :)

11.19.11bernard rose

Hey, Reggie! See you're keeping it smooth as alway! The mixes make me want to get in my car with indefinite gas and time and see the country side! BE blessed my friend and keep up the good work!! bernard

11.15.11Gerald (The G...) Little

This is my place to stop when I want to hear the professional smooth jazz mixes of The Jazzman. Keep doing your thing Reggie. Sounding good.

Blessings, G...


The look of your website perfectly represents the level that your music radio show transmits...

Thanks so much for the good music you do listen to us!

All the best...

11.10.11Michael Raines

Whats Jazzman, just tuned in and of course ur JAMMIN...Keep it up and as always keep it JAZZY. PeACE

11.09.11Elizabeth Boone

Too bad these mixes are not on a CD. I would love them in my car.

11.08.11Gino Goss

Reggie, great music !! Way cool !! Ya Mon - Much Love - Gino ~~~

11.08.11Aretha Wilson

Finally found your website Reggie. Hope u have some events for Vegas Feb 2012. have a group of us spin some majic up for us. Take care


This site is wonderful !!! Congratulations....

11.01.11Cathy Pope-Hale

I've stopped by...and I'M STAYIN'!!!!


Thank you for featuring Columbia SC's own Sheldon Ferguson, and thank Sheldon for adding a link to Smooth Jazz Mixes. This is my first time visiting this site and I love it. I'd never heard Brantley De'Angelo until tonight... Thank you!!!!

10.26.11Pat Scott Knight

Hi Reggie
my nephew Tony hooked me up to you. Don't do it often enough but every time I tune you in It is a joy. Keep it up it is mighty s m o o t h

10.25.11Cherrill Foster

Hey Reggie,

Just checking in and saying hi. In the mood for a little Jazz mix.


Man! i am diggin this smooth station.How come you don't have a facebook link so i can turn some other folks on to you?

10.20.11James Speights

Your old buddy James Speights from Brooklyn sends you much love my brother! It's been an awful long time but I'm glad to see you're as smooth as ever... Peace! James


I'm always in a hurry to get to the mixes, but tonight I just chilled, listened to the Welcome, and watched the slideshow. You know, the relativity in the transitions are as smooth as your mixes. I just had to chuckle because I saw what you did, and got it. Brilliance in action. Just because I'm your friend doesn't mean I can't be impressed :)

09.25.11Frank Piombo

Reggie, Thank you for your ongoing support and most important, your friendship. Your show couldn't get any Smoother!! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, once again, Regards, Frank



09.16.11Benjamin Gradwell

Reggie the Jazzman is, in fact, the definition of smooth. This is a neat website to come to, get news and info on what's going on and, most of all, listen to some smooth jazz. I love the variety, the styles, innovative creativity and enjoyable music. Neat website, love it.


Dear Reggie, Thank you for sharing your love for music and your amazing talent! You are bringing many people together from all over the world, making a difference in many lives by creating so much happiness!! I will always support you in all that you do! Love you!


Groovin to the funky smooth mix!!

09.01.11Ava Lemert

Hi, Reggie! Thanks for your valuable time, ear and soul... in making these incredible mixes!! Much love, Ava "the Singing Saxstress" Lemert - AvaLemert.com

08.23.11Quentin Tyson

Lov'n it! My brother Vincent Tyson (jazz artist) turned me on to your site. I'll keep listening, this is where im at!

08.21.11Pamela Black of Pamela's Place KUNV 91.5 FM Las Vegas

Very nice Reggie!

08.19.11Jonda Brice

Reggie, I finally got the chance to view and listen job well done.

08.13.11Lenny Sharman

Hello Reggie this is great smooth jazz station

08.11.11Karen Robinson

Hello Reggie!

Thanks for sharing "Smooth Jazz Mixes"! It's nice to listen to strictly jazz, since a lot of the stations in the LA area, have changed their format. So, instead of listening to 94.7, I listen to you, while I'm at work.



Needed some pep in my step and some glide in my stride, so naturally I stopped by for a dose of Dr. Jazzman's medicine.

08.05.11bob zegers

can you tell me of your mixes are for sale somewhere in europe they are absolutely great


08.02.11savannah brown

my name is savannah brown and i represent the artist Douye' I am writing to kindly ask if Douye's music can be added to your music rotation. Douye's website is www.douyetheartist.com, wwwmyspace.com/douyetheartist. Thank you for your time.

Savannah. B.


Love your talent... When I listen to your mixes my day seems so much brighter!

Mucho Amore'

07.17.11Cherrill Foster

Love this mix!!!

07.13.11Kathleen Savage

Thanks for sharing your love of smooth jazz. Beautiful music that brings a beauty from the soul that allows me to relax and feel good.

07.07.11Barbara Stafford

Very nice Reggie, enjoyed it very much, will return again soon.bery relaxing.

07.02.11Bernard Rose

Gotta tell you Reggie, really enjoying your mixes on this Saturday morning! Very soothing !

06.30.11Frank Piombo

Reggie, Loving your mixes!!!!

06.18.11Ann Hennessy

LOVED YOUR FATHER'S DAY SHOW!!!! IT WAS OFF THE HOOK. I was disappointed when it went off the air at Smooth Groove Phoenix - so I came to your site to listen to a different jazz mix, and finding the Father's Day show here was an unexpected joy.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, JAZZMAN - Loved hearng your children at the beginning. THE PERFECT WAY to start FATHER'S DAY. God Bless...

06.18.11Bobby D

Hey there Reggie... just wanted to say MANNNNNNN love your music and your mixes - Just SLAMMIN' man! Love you site as well... very well done! Keep it in the mix ~ you're awesome!

06.18.11The G...

This is definitely the spot to come to listen to some of the best smooth jazz mixes in the world. Great job Reggie!

Blessings, The G...

06.16.11John Carey

What up Reggiw, sounding good, great tracks, i'm glad to be in the company of so mant great artist. Thank You

06.12.11Tami Rramirez-Knight

Helloxes Regg!

Thank for sharing your fantastic smoothjazz and other mixes.....listen to them often.
You are a true "Mixologist" and I love your mixes!!!


06.10.11Ron Pearson

thanks for the shout out man can wait to be in full rotation on smooth jazz mixes

06.03.11Frank Piombo

Reggie I just stopped by to take a listen. It gets better and better like aged wine. I'm glad to be your friend!! Regards, Frank


You are one of my most favorite people. Sending love, hugs, and prayers your way - alway

05.29.11chris 'smooth jazz' cowley

hi reggie glad to be a part of your many many listeners. keepin it smooth ,chris.

05.27.11Stephannie Cooper Senegal

Loving your mixes!


I love dream catcher and I love you my friend. I hope your dreams come true....

05.17.11Cheryl Wooding-Bey

Love the introduction to your show. Best Wishes!

05.17.11Irene L. Williams

Hey Reggie, Sounding good, you have that SWANG.


Our friendship began with our commonality in music. I have watched you grow so much over these past years and I am so proud of where you are and who you are growing into. Keep on going, keep on sharing the gift the good Lord gave you. You bring joy and contentment into many lives with the sound of your music.
Music is the beat of life....
Much love and Big Hugs

05.15.11Mo Shep

Wow who would of thought id find a lil peice of heaven on facebook :) beautifully done my new friend Reggie :) KEEP MAKIN IT DO WHAT IT DO BABY !!!

05.10.11Alpha Records International

Excellent Reggie!!!


Reggie, I just have to shake my head. Your mixes are masterfully orchestrated into a piece of art, and each mix comes out divinely unique. I know you, and still am amazed at how you can clean your palette between each one, in order to take us on a completely different journey. Much love and massive respect to you my dear friend.

04.28.11Hey reggie

Hey Reggie,
Bernard Rose writing here. Great music you have here... !! I will spread the news that you are here.

04.25.11Christian de Mesones

Really love this...Very impressive. You are a Leader..not a Follower


Your site just gets better and better. Love it...and love you. I think I am your #1 fan!

04.20.11Lisa P

Reggie, you definitely put your whole heart and soul into your music! Words can not describe the beauty of your creations! Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift with all of us! I'm looking forward to what's next!!! LP


thanks for being here, I would like to also be apart of your site, go to www.mikaelmusix.com, and my new songs ,at www.ourstage.com/mikaelmusix to hear some of my work , thanks , I love this site !

04.15.11Stefan Lindgren

Diggin' the sound Reggie!!

04.14.11Yvonne Espinosa

Lovin the Music! Thanks!

04.14.11Alexander Boynton Jr

Nice vibe... would love to share Doo Bee Doo Bop with you. You can hear samples at http://cdbaby.com/cd/aboyntonjr


My favorite silky smooth DJ...

03.28.11Patricia j Sanchez

Really like your show rl, got plugged in through you and enjoy your pics you put together for this segment.


Hi, i found your site casually on the www, and it's wondefull , sorry for my english, i'm the owner of a radio FM/Internet station in Marbella Spain, and i ask to you if you are interesting in send us your shows in MP3 , for play them in our smooth time , check out our site ( we remake now all new web after 6 years... it's under work) www.radioradio.es
Thank's for your attention and i stand by for your response
Ciao Massimo ( Frank Piombo and many more artist know us... )


Very happy to have found this. I've enjoyed listening all evening long. Beautiful music, wonderful mix, great voice to tie it all together.



03.21.11Rick Clark

Love the Smooth Jazz. Keep it flowing!
Rick Clark


I just love this station, so relaxing


One thing I can always count on in my life... your music makes me feel good. You can't get any better than that! I love you and always will.

03.05.11Tony "D"

Sounding smooth tonight, Reggie.

02.25.11Marsha Callhan

I'm enjoying listening to past broadcasts. Great mixes. Keep it coming. Is there a way to listen to the broadcase in real time via the net?


I love this website! Thank you so much for providing what we music enthusiast love and appreciate and that is MUSIC! I will definitely spread the word!


Dee Lucas turned me on to you I like it u seem to have found artists that i been sugesting to my fb friends at least I know someone has the same tastes thank youReg keep it up!!

02.05.11Calvin S.Butler

Rggie I think that your the greatest? Keep up the good work and i hope to talk with you soon.

02.05.11Sharon Lynn Payne

Thanks for sharing your skills with me.... you music is excellent

02.03.11Ivana, Czech Republic

Thank you for inviting me to this site, Reggie! They are great, I will certainly share them with my friends from around the world! All the best!

02.01.11love always...

thanks for always brightening my day with your beautiful music!


What a show, what a show, what a PARTY!!! You did your thing in a big way last night! I'm on my 3rd time listening - I just can't HELP myself!!! Fabulosity!!!!

01.25.11T N T

Love the Fade to Black Mix... soothing to the soul.

01.19.11Haly Winner

tnx reggie.like ur mix.tnx u send me on fb bcs we r deferent times zone and i can't listen u on radio .

01.18.11T N T

I enjoyed the Smooth Groove Phoenix show on Saturday. Thanks for posting it here so we can hear it again and again and again :0) Much love always...


01.08.11Yah Yahh

Supreme Blessings & thank you for the site. Smooth Jazz rules!
One Love ^_^


Love the SGRP mix.... You knocked that out the box!


like this mix


Most enjoyable!
Happy New Year form MI.


What a year! What an incredible talent! So much more to come Reggie . . . all because of your passion-infused God-given talent. There's no denying excellence, and tonight is your night. 2011 is your year. I am SO happy for you. Do your thing my dear friend, do you. Much love!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Letting you know I was here to drop some love on your site!
May God truely bless you & your family!


Love your site!! I especially enjoyed your dedication to our country's servicemen protecting us and others throughout the World. There is a sense of peace, love, and genuiness from the music chosen and style of your site.


Merry Christmas my friend!! I hope you have a great day with your girls. I just picked up three CD's by Doug Johns doing some fusion funk. I need driving music for my trip to Virginia soon.



12.23.10Iman Husary

Enjoyable easy listening.........SMOOTH.......Love It So Much Reggie. Thank You So Much For Bringing Peace on this holiday season!! God Bless You always!!!!!!

12.22.10Dorine Wright

Man this is one slammin site!!!!

12.21.10Wendee Chico

Loving the slide show. Are you showing your age with the cartoon pics??? God bless you Reggie and have a safe and blessed CHRISTmas!


I must tell you I am so grateful to have this site with this smooth jazz music...I live in Harlem, New York and about a year or so ago we lost our radio Jazz Station CD101.9 I truly miss it so...A friend of yours and mine Clyde told me abt you some time ago....we grew up from young together and I am once again grateful for my ears to partake of the gift of music you have....
Blessings to you!


Merry Christmas and Blessings to you, Ni-Ni, and Jazzy Girl... I love you all so very much!

12.19.10Ms. Wendee

Reggie The Jazz Man is "The Voice" for 2011.

12.14.10Irene Lockett Williams

The Treasures of the Heart Cannot Be Hidden, But Are Manifest Through Words. Mr. Reggie, I must say you are gifted.

12.14.10Irene Lockett Williams

To The Smooth Jazz Mixes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That DJ, Mr. RL has a beautiful voice.

Anothony Payton was outstanding in "Royal Blue"

12.14.10Irene Lockett Williams


12.13.10claude Pain

hey reg
what poppin. like that site
and thats what i do, take a look

and that world i created!!!!!

12.12.10winnie bunggo

i love every pieces you play/post....this is the only link where i discover the titles of my favorite pieces... thank you so much, you've been a great help... keep on posting, i"ll be standing by always....more and more power!!!!!long live JAZZ music!!!!!

12.10.10Reginald Shipley

I really like your station. The format is neat. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and those that are interested into listening to a nice new style of listening to smooth jazz music. I wish you continued success in your new station.

12.09.10Shawn Smith

This is a very cool and dynamic website I will be telling all my friends about this. Keep up the good work and happy holidays to you and your family.

12.08.10Bobby Gallocker

This just brilliant - Thank you

12.07.10A Friend

I love the new intro into the site coupled with the holiday music. Very uplifting and festive! That new mix - The Journey is fitting of its name! Love it all... Happy Holidays to you as well... Many blessings!

12.06.10Frank Piombo - Guitarist.Composer

Great music you are playing on your station. If you get a chance, please stop by at www.reverbnation.com/frankpiombo and check out my sound!! Keep it Smooth!! Regards, Frank

12.04.10Ella Jaye


12.04.10Deena Williams

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this...now I don't have to miss The Wave so much. Congrats "Jazzman"


This is such a tight website! Thank you!

12.02.10andy palsgraf

you rock reggie

12.02.10Colleen Spencer

Hi Reggie good to find you here and listen to your Hot and Tempting Mixes!

Coco.........Choo Choo

12.02.10Phil Swaney

What can I say Reggie, it's simply awesome!!!!!! Great music!!!!


You are one of the most passionate and talented souls I have ever known... Much love, happy holidays and warm wishes to you and the little ones :0) Love you and my baby girls more and more with every passing day.

11.30.10Ann Martin

Reg, I love the site and I am so happy for you. You have worked hard for this and deserve every bit of success along the way. I will be on here very often. Thank you! Ann


Lovin the new mix - Mi Casa Es Su Casa - JAMMIN! Love the feel and the sound... Thanks for sharing your passions.


good music is what its all about..

11.14.10Karen P

What a talent you have Reg. Keep the passion. I love the site and all you have done with it. The music tracks you have created are by far the best I've heard!

11.14.10John W.

Reggie, your jazz selections are fabulous. Also like the website. Much success 2 u in this pursuit. Was good talking 2 u at NTB. Keep in touch.

11.14.10Ervin Lee

DJ Reggie that's whats up. I like . I will be praying for you that God bless you in all you do. keep it up. I need this.

11.13.10Kimberly Parady

Love your site!


Hey...Love the Tropical Shores...I can put on headsets, and feel like I am on an Island, real fresh babe, great job, as always...xoxo

11.11.10Sandy Shore

Sounding great Reggie... you have a great ear! Keep 'em coming!

11.11.10Selena McDay

I have bookmarked U'r site Reggie! Just the perfect mixx of sounds to play as I...just am around the house! Great job! I will visit often and hope U'll choose one or two of MY trax when "my baby is born to include here...soon & very soon! Let me say it again Reggie, nice to meet U! :>)


Reggie, thanks for broadening my music horizon......great music and great mixes.

11.07.10Leon Cole

Listening to your show Reggie and I gotta tell ya man, you're puttin some jazz down I haven't heard yet and that means you're keeping it fresh!!! That's what's up.


The music is very cool chiilin, I mean damn good how do I get a CD of some the tracks?

11.04.10Jeffrey H Kirkby

Great site. Very interactive.


Reggie....I have been enjoying the smooth sho nuff make you move music so much..hard to pick a favorite...I love it all..You are so brilliant with your God given ability to flow wiith the mix the way you do.. I am so proud of you...and I have seen this happen from the beginning and I will see you soar to many heights with your blessed ability...I appreciate you...and have your back, and thank God you can share these with me and others so you dont have to keep such a treasure to yourself..you are off the hook...love you for all you do and who you are babe! always Cynthia

11.02.10Calvin S, Butler

Hey Reggie
I like your website? I think you did an excellent job on this website. You have all my support ! Keep in touch

11.02.10Paul B. Stevens

We bonded listening to R&B, Jazz and Eddie Murphy cassettes in the Buick Regal. And I have always had an appreciation for your musical acumen. Best of luck with the site and I hope I can continue to offer insight, challenges and ideas to the Musical Odessey that is Mello Daze oops, DJ RL or better yet my Brother from Another mother, Reggie.

Paul B. Stevens The Infamous I-28/Paully B.


Just got a chance to listen to the Twishlight mix in its entirety... WOW! You amaze me with your creative brilliance. Thank you for sharing your talents! Much love and Support Always...


Keepin it smooth brotha... lovin it! Those mixes are off the chain....

10.29.10Barbara stafford

All were good, but especially liked Hypnotic Love, by Maysa b/w midnight pas/Vincent, Ingala and Good to be with you by Micheal Fair&Brandon Barnes. Oh yes the video was nice and that Red Guitar was beautiful. Thanks for the trip loved it Reggie.

10.28.10Lacy Cosme

In the Swing of Things is off the chain.... Love it love it love it.


OUTSTANDING! OFF THE HOOK! thanks for taking the time to create, Reggie baby.


I am embarrassed to admit that I will have my laptop at my bedside tonight so I can fall asleep to these melodious sounds. Keep up the awesome work. Call me a new fan in North Carolina.

10.24.10Arbrister Gowdy

Most definitely Reggie these mixes are not like anything I have ever heard before; they are smooth, enchanting, & tantalizingly enough to satisfy any palate!!! Well done, my brother, well done! ;-)


Very classy and modern. You did a fantastic job, Reggie! Congrats!


God has touched you with the amazing gift of music. In turn, you open your soul, your passion, your love of music to touch all who are blessed to hear this amazing talent He has given you. You inspire others through your passions. You are on a higher level... showing us how To Know Love.. through your music.... Thank you for sharing your soul with us.

Much Love and Support ALWAYS...

10.23.10Krista Cartmill

Bigger, better, higher, wider - there is no limit to where you can go! You have such an amazing talent for putting together the right track, in the right place, in the right mix. You comfort and excite us with both the artists we know and the artists we should get to know. By listening to your mixes, it becomes extremely obvious that you leave a bit of your soul in each one. Infused passion - nothing better!

All my best to you always,